Your short comprehensive guide to buying arm warmers for cycling

Like your bibs and jerseys, your arm warmers need to have excellent wicking capabilities, too. Besides those, you have to consider other factors such as their fit and construction.

Are you still browsing online shops or brick-and-mortar stores for the right warmers? Read our guide so you can get the best deal and not regret anything!

1. Find out the material or material blend.

When you’re looking to buy cycling apparel, always check the product descriptions, regardless if it’s a bib, a warmer, or a pair of socks. It should indicate the material or material blend. Plenty of materials serve many special purposes, which may or may not improve your touring performance or experience.

On the market nowadays, you can usually find the following blends or materials.

  • Polyester and Elastane. This blend promises windproof and moisture-resisting capabilities. Some variations of this blend might be too pricey for some; however, if you have the budget, you can opt for this arm warmer.
  • Thermoflex fleece. If you find this arm warmer, you can expect breathability and excellent heat retention. You might also want to find ones with a silicone gripper, so you will not have to deal with slipping.
  • Silicone fiber. This breathable material is known for its good water-resisting capabilities. So, if you’re touring and it suddenly drizzles, you can rely on this arm warmer to wick the raindrops.

2. Make sure it has quality structure and fits you just right.

If you have the extra bucks, you might want to spend more for the pricier arm warmers that allow extra flexibility. These warmers may have more panels in the elbows. Take a look at Mellow Johnny’s

Another thing is chaffing. Look for warmers that do not have too many seams, so you won’t feel uneasiness while riding, touring, or competing.

Needless to say, you also have to look for arm warmers that fit your arm snugly. You don’t want warmers that slip or fall, do you? So, find warmers with features such as grippers. These will secure them in place.

3. Ensure that it has special but fundamental features.

Of course, you shouldn’t purchase warmers unless they…

  • Easily evaporate moisture such as sweat or raindrops.
  • Have thermal protection, which can warm you during chilly rides and cool you down during humid days.
  • Feature special membranes that allow extra wind- and water-resistance but let your skin breathe as well.

With these non-complicated tips, you won’t find it hard to shop for arm warmers that suit you.

Other buying tips

Assuming that you are still on the hunt for your bib or even your spinning shoes, remember these purchasing ideas.

  • If you are looking for the best indoor cycling shoes, look for the following features such as mesh panels. The pair should also be lightweight, of course. You should also look for those with stiff soles.
  • Meanwhile, if you’re also searching the web for the best bibs, you might want to spend on lightweight bibs with leg grippers and silicon tabs. Other cyclists will also recommend bibs that were crafted with a synthetic mesh.

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