Taking Part in a Class Action Lawsuit

Cummings Manookian PLC, a giant in personal injury and class action cases, state that justice is universal. This means that every person whose rights have been breached can reach out to the justice system to seek accountability for the damage and injury done. If the injury is done to a group of people, there will be better chances of seeking compensation for damages in a class action lawsuit. How, then, can you join one?

Birds of the Same Feather

If your feathers have been ruffled hard by a respondent resulting to an injury, you can file a personal injury claim. If you are not the sole complainant or if you and several other people have been victimized by the same injury/damage by the same respondent, you can file class action lawsuit. With this, each of you would not have to file a separate case with a separate lawyer and take on separate expenses. In general, at least thirty (30) plaintiffs are required to establish a class suit.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Or, you can say there are different types of class lawsuits for different sets of people for specific circumstances. Look if there is an existing class lawsuit of your similar case. If there is one, find out if you can join the lawsuit. If there are no existing class lawsuits of your case, you can opt to start your own lawsuit. Look for other people and convince them to join you in filing a class action.

Build-up your case

You need to establish your case with solid evidence that supports the existence of an injury and that clearly manifests the respondent as responsible for such injury. These could include sworn testimonies, legal documents, medical certificates or transcripts, police reports and the like. All these can strengthen your case and convince the judge to give merit to your complaint.

Seek the Pros

Seek the assistance of reputable and trustworthy lawyers such as Cummings Manookian PLC, to represent your class. Lawyers who specialize in class action lawsuit know the legal language and the different scenarios that could make or break your case. If a lawyer and class action already exist, you can opt to hire a lawyer as a consultant.

It’s Time for a Face Off

If you now have a class, a lawyer and a case, you can now proceed to court. Have the court certify your class and proceed with the litigation process. A negotiation for a settlement usually takes place and the claims for damages will be calculated. If the parties do not agree, a trial usually proceeds with a jury. A verdict will decide the fate of the class action lawsuit. If not fully satisfied, seek other remedies such as the possibility of an appeal.

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