Protect Yourself from Harmful Noise that Damages Hearing

Most workplace environments are full of noise – ranging from restaurants, production factories, music studios, motor sports, and so much more. Without proper protection of hearing, workers in such industries are at risk of damaged hearing and other auditory malfunctions. Custom fit hearing protection products from Australasian Safety Services is one way to reduce hearing risks and ensure that workers are safe in their workplace.

Custom Fit hearing protection

Australasian Safety Services is a company operating within Australia, offering consultancy products and services to improve a workplace’s health and safety. Aside from supplying various workplaces with custom fit hearing protection products, the company carries out a number of services that range from OHS audits to dust monitoring.

The company provides full-ranged on-site health services and occupational hygiene, as well as environmental monitoring and evaluation. Such services are essential for workers in various workplaces to ensure that they remain safe and healthy, boosting their productivity at work.

With a Clendestine Lab Certification, the company provides Sonomax custom hearing protection products – all of which are designed and delivered by reliable and professional experts to all clients within Australia. A wide range of industries within Australia from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Darwin also benefit from the products and services from this company.

Like some customers, you may ask why Australasian Safety Services stands out as the best company for workplace safety. Well, apart from the highly-professional standards maintained in their products and services – the company offers all services on-site, ensuring that each client gets what they deserve to have. The company also offers only quality products and services, having achieved quality assurance standard of ISO 9001-2008. Check out Dan Hadley Adelaide

With more than fifteen consultants all over Australia, the company ensures that its products and services reach all states and territories within the country. When it comes to hearing protection services, the company have fully-equipped mobile audiometric units to serve various clients in need of their services. One of its products, Sonomax custom hearing protection, is a premier custom product that is designed to fit each user’s individual ear need. Some benefits of custom hearing products include the following:

  • They are made to fit each individual ear. This means that the user do not have to worry about size or any anatomical differences in their ears. They also provide steady performance, increased comfort, and consistent protection to the ears.
  • They are available in a wide range of medically-approved materials. Medical-grade silicone and vinyl materials, which are used to make the products, are ear-friendly and work well – even for clients with sensitive ears.
  • The products are durable and can be used for several years. The long life implies low cost per user on a daily basis.

Before buying custom fit hearing protection products, it is important to ensure that your supplier is a certified company when it comes to workplace health and safety. Various degrees of noise can affect the hearing. This is why it is advisable to engage a company that is able to carry out evaluation processes in the workplace to determine the right products for various situations. To that end, Australasian Safety Services is the company to look for. Please visit