Oh my bones: Seeing the right orthopedic doctor in Atlanta

Do you know that adults have over 206 bones that support the body’s weight and everyday movements? The main foundation of the body to stand, sit, bend and stretch is the spine–and spinal problems are prevalent. Having movement concerns, like when you experience back pain, arranging for an appointment with a spine doctor in Atlanta is a must-do.



spine doctor



Oh my back


Back pain is a symptom of having problems with the lumbar or sacral region–your lower back of your spinal column. While the most common cause of back pain is improper way of carrying heavy objects that strains the muscles, it can’t be assumed that it is the root cause.


It is sometimes caused by obesity that burdens the body because of having too much weight or, worse, having a spinal cord cancer. Again, if back pain occurs to you more than often, contact a reliable spine doctor to be assured of having a proper diagnosis after the initial check-up.


Oh my curvature


Scoliosis that affects the spinal or vertebral column’s curvature is common. Although it is sometimes confused as a bad posture, truth to be told, it is not. The actual formation of the spine determines its difference from what is considered as a normal spine–having significant curves called lordorsis in sagittal planes or side view of the spinal column.


Before visiting a spine doctor, having an x-ray can help you have an insight into your skeletal system. Scoliosis can be seen through a medical x-ray. Radiologists on duty will determine if the curvature is ordinary or abnormal and will update you with the results before referring you to an orthopedic clinic.


Other conditions, like kyphosis and flatback syndrome, along with scoliosis are part of a sagittal imbalance–unusual curvature on the sides of the spine. Kyphosis is the disorder for having a hunched back, while flatback syndrome makes a person appear standing still so straight because they lost their lumbar region curves. There is also a condition called spinal stenosis wherein you have symptoms of unnatural pain on your physical body like severe back pain.


Oh my knees


While the appendicular skeletal system that involves the tibia, fibula, carpals, metacarpals, and patella helps us walk, it is one of the vulnerable body parts that are prone to accidents. Knee pain is no stranger to a knee doctor.


The patella or the knee cap is joined by a tendon to support forward and backward movements of the legs. If affected by arthritis, the patella suffers a deficiency but a brilliant knee doctor Atlanta has provided for your immediate care.


AICA Orthopedics commits a great knee specialist Atlanta can take pride in. They have employed efficient doctors not just for the bones, but also for the brain and for your holistic health.


Because they care


Orthopedic clinics are a wonder in the medical business. Doctors are working shift by shift to care for patients, and they’re waiting for the next care they will give. Pay them a visit now!