Dos and don’ts in keeping a dog warm in cold weather

Dog parents know the drill when it starts to get cold outside—their fur babies should stay warm at all costs. However, too much concern without proper knowledge can do some harm. Will it be okay to buy stuff, like snow boots and designer dog coats Bitch New York has in store?


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Read on to find out what’s best for your dog!

What you CAN DO

Let’s start with the acceptable acts every fur parent should follow:

1. Let your dog relax near space heaters and fireplaces.

This may sound dangerous, but it’s okay for your dog to sleep in a room with a fireplace or space heater inside. However, it’s your responsibility to stay alert to stop your dog from getting too close to the heat source. Your pet might even chew the power cord, which can be fatal.

Make sure to leave your dog with someone responsible if you have to step out of the room.

2. Protect dog paws with appropriate boots.

Some people would find the idea of dog shoes cruel, but putting boots on paws is beneficial in winter. Snow can make paws suffer from extreme dryness or worse, frostbite.

Since snow can mix with toxic road salts, coolants, and antifreeze from cars, always remember to clean your dog’s paws once you get home. That possibility seems far-fetched, but you have nothing to lose if you’re extra cautious.

3. Cover your dog’s body with a well-fitted coat.

Dogs that suffer the most in low temperatures are the small breeds with short hair. They easily shiver when they feel cold, which is apparent when you bathe them. That’s why they need dog cold weather coats.

As long as you buy the right size for your pet, you have nothing to worry about. If you can’t find dog coats on sale in stores near you, use the internet. Dog coats online are available for all shapes and sizes.

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What you CAN’T DO

Now, pay attention to the things dog experts discourage or will never tolerate:

1. Leave your dog outside.

Regardless of your reasons (house guests, punishment, etc.), it is never acceptable to leave your dog in the cold.

If you think it’s important to keep your home dog-free for a while, provide suitable shelter for your pet outside. The temporary shelter should be warm inside and tough against strong winds.

2. Take frequent walks in the cold.

Winter can be an enjoyable season for dogs. However, don’t give in to the adorable sight of seeing your pet playing in the snow.

The more your dog stays inside your home, the less likely they suffer from frostbite, hypothermia, and stomachache from eating snow. Your walks should have a shorter duration or a weekly schedule.

3. Make your dog wear a coat indoors.

If the coat stays on your dog even with a heating unit inside your home, your poor pet will easily overheat. It can also trigger skin irritation when worn for a long time.

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