I Hate Diamond Doctor

I hate Diamond Doctor. Watch overgraded diamond scam videos and you will know that the disgust that I feel towards the company was not borne out of spontaneous first impression. The hatred was acquired as one would feel after discovering the systematic fraud and scam that victimized me. And I am not the only one.

I was making one of the most important purchases of my life. I was tasked by my father to shop for a gift for their 25th wedding anniversary. Imagine the huge responsibility placed on my shoulders. So I had to make sure my purchase was worth the occasion, worth my dad’s money and worth the special person who will wear it. The Dallas diamond company was reputable so I chose to scout the place for possible options. Or so I thought.

I found several options including jewelry design that I really loved. But, I also wanted it to be useful my mom being really practical. I found a beautiful watch and asked about it. The salesman educated me about the diamond watch. I thought it sounded more like sales talk. When I inquired of the price, it was a few thousand above my budget. But still, I decided to go ahead with the purchase. After all, what could go wrong? I was in the good doctor’s hands. Me being a victim of a watch overgraded diamond scam was far out of my mind. And it was exactly what I wanted. So I pulled a few extra thousands from my own account. It was my counterpart for my dad’s gift.

When I found out about news of diamond overgrading by Diamond Doctor, I thought I should check out my mother’s watch. I told her I wanted to take the ring for cleaning when in fact I wanted to have it re-evaluated by an independent jeweler. Even when the results did not come out, I knew at the back of my mind that there was a big possibility of me being a victim of their scam. I also just had to watch overgraded diamond doctors scam videos over the internet to know the signs. Check out Diamond Doctor Overgrading

As expected, the watch was indeed overgraded. At least the diamonds were. I asked the jeweler if he followed strict GIA standards for testing and he told me he is a certified GIA gemologist. I asked if there were subjective differences in evaluating diamonds using GIA standards. He told me, there might be slight differences but not huge enough to add thousands on the original price as with my case. He showed me his evaluation and objectively and patiently explained each item on the GIA certification. It also showed me the real value of the watch.

To realize the diamond doctors watch overgraded by thousands made me wanna collapse on site. It was pretty disappointing. How could they do that? They are shameless. At first I did know what to do. But, I rose ahead of my remorse. Now I am writing this review to warn anyone not to be foolish enough to think or consider Diamond Doctor as a trusted and reliable company. They are a sham. Just watch overgraded diamond scam videos. They may just convince you of my word.

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