Reasons Why a Lean Six Sigma Certification is Best Obtained Online

Additional qualifications equip even senior executives with that extra skill required to excel in their assignments. In a posting on recently, there is this information of a senior expert being appointed to the advisory board of a leading biotechnology company. Among the different qualifications this renowned Cardiac Anesthesiologist possesses is that he holds a Lean six sigma certification. This really goes on to show that in the real world out there one has to keep updating one’s knowledge and skill sets all the time, irrespective of your basic qualifications, experience and position held. So what does this certification imply and how useful is it to acquire this qualification? Read on.



Lean six sigma certification

Understanding the Basics of Lean Six Sigma

If you are associated with any process industry or even a service organization, where you use certain laid down processes to carry on business, you will definitely require this knowledge on problem-solving techniques in Lean Six Sigma. Once you have a six sigma certification, you can analyze the problems associated with the manufacturing or other processes in your business and find the solutions. This will help improve the process and cut down on any wastage in the system and ultimately save you dollars. The Lean six sigma certification programs fully prepare you for such roles.

You Can Get the Certification Online

Perhaps the best way for you to become a certified Lean Six Sigma professional would be to get the qualification online. There are different levels of courses leading to a complete mastering of the technology and are built from the basics to a thorough knowledge on the subject. The Online six sigma certification is offered in 4 or 5 levels and some institutes may give this nomenclature like white, yellow, green and black belt certifications. Each level obviously expands your exposure to the technique and by the time you obtain a Black Belt Lean six sigma certification, you will be well on your way to even teach the lower level ones.

Hours of Tutorials Online

At each level, you will be required to spend a certain number of hours learning the different modules which introduce you to the concept of Lean Six Sigma and then build on the further resources you will need. The institution allows you to access the resources free of cost. The payment part comes only when you need the certification. You will have to crack the online test for each level. The questions are mostly of the multiple choice types so that it becomes easy to answer and win the certification. On successful completion of the Lean six sigma certification, you can obtain the certificate in a PDF format and print it at your end. This is a very good way to beef up your knowledge on the subject and also to receive a formal recognition of having gathered that information. For complete information on the different courses and the fees and other details refer to

Learning online and collecting a certification for the course completed is a convenient way of learning while working and to improve one’s ability to perform better in any assignment. In the manufacturing process industry and even in other businesses, process improvements and problem-solving capabilities are made easier with the Lean Six Sigma program. For more details just visit

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